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Landscape Design & Installation

Landscape DesignOur belief at Everton’s Landscaping is that every job, large and small, requires a landscape design in Maryland.  The landscape design graphically depicts what has to be done on a particular job to all who are involved.  Below are some points as to why we feel the landscape design is a necessity.

The Customer- It all starts with our customer being able to see exactly what we propose to do, before we actually do it.  The landscape design allows us to make changes to the project if needed and can potentially save a lot of time and money that may be spent on change work orders.

The Quote- With a properly scaled landscape design, we are able to be extremely accurate with our material take-offs.  This ensures that our customers are getting exactly what they pay for and will never be approached with requests for more money due to cost run overages.  Accurate quoting is essential for a good contractor-homeowner relationship.

The Timeline- A landscape design allows us to break down the job into smaller sections and apply a time factor to each segment.  This provides us with extremely accurate time estimations and allows us to provide jobsite milestones.  We have found that our customers appreciate being “kept in the loop” when it comes to what will be done first or how long will this take etc.

The Construction- Our foreman will refer to the landscape design several times a day.  We want everything to look as it does on the plan so every measurement and item location is taken from the landscape design and applied to the actual property.

As a Maryland and Washington DC company, the landscape design allows our customers to know exactly what they’re getting and we know exactly what we have to do to make them happy!

A well planned landscaping project or well executed maintenance program will add substantial value to your home and everyday life. The team at Everton’s Landscaping has the ability to deliver innovative design, manage quality workmanship and deliver complete customer satisfaction for any Landscape Project from commencement to completion.

  • FREE Landscape design*
  • Plant grass
  • Plant trees
  • Flowerbed preparation
  • Use of landscape fabric
  • Purchase shrubs and bedding plants
  • Plant shrubs and bedding plants
  • Covering flowerbed with mulch